OffBlock Corporate

Crew Management Solution for Airlines

A cloud-based add-on to your existing crew planning system. It supports crew members with an interactive flight crew app, simplifies the collaboration and increases the efficiency between crew members and crew planning.

Enhance efficiency
Digitalize and improve communication
Reduce costs
Improve crew satisfaction

Streamline Your Crew Operations with our Interactive Flight Crew App

Airline rosters are a critical component of airline operations, as they determine when and where airline crews will work.

Optimizing roster handling can help you maximize your efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for crews and passengers.

Discover a new way of working by enabling your crews to easily interact with their personal rosters.

Let them be more productive with useful tools, notifications of important events and communications channels directly via the app.

Make it easier to connect your crew members with your crew planning and save time and money by reducing the amount of unnecessary e-mails, phone calls and no-shows which results in less flight delays or cancellations.

You are interested in OffBlock for your airline

Upgrade Your Crew Planning System Effortlessly with OffBlock's Seamless Integration

The roll-out phase requires minimal effort and does not need any changes to the existing software. Airline and crew members benefit immediately from increased functionality and capabilities that were not previously available.

Discover the Advantages of OffBlock for Airlines

Simplify & Speed up your Planning Processes​

Providing real-time updates to crew members on their rosters will help improve crew productivity, satisfaction, communication, safety, and cost savings for the airline.

Improve the Efficiency of Roster Changes

Realtime Updates

Help crew members stay informed about any changes or updates to their schedules, allowing them to plan their time more efficiently and make any necessary adjustments to their work schedules.

Automated push notifications to flight crew

​Inform your crew instantly about roster changes via push notification. When activating crew members from standby, they receive a push notification in real-time, ensuring that the change is noticed as soon as possible.

Instant response to crew planning

By enabling crew members to confirm changes to their roster directly in the Crew App, crew planning managers can save time and effort. They can avoid the need for manual confirmation or follow-up with individual crew members, which can be very time-consuming.

Increased accuracy

Crew planning managers can be confident that the changes made to the schedule are confirmed by the relevant crew members and are therefore accurate.

Reduced workload

Crew planning managers can reduce their workload. They can focus on other important tasks, such as managing crew training and development, without being bogged down by scheduling-related administrative tasks.

Interactive Airline Rosters

Improve crew satisfaction, reduce scheduling conflicts, and optimize crew scheduling to improve performance and reduce costs.

Facilitate accessibility

The interactive rosters are accessible from any mobile device with the app installed. This makes it easier for crew members to access their schedules and make changes if necessary.

Quick change summary

Providing a clear and concise overview of any changes with before and after state. Thereby Crew members will be more aware of the changes made to their schedule or duties. This will help them better plan and prepare for their duties, and reduce the risk of missed or overlooked changes.

You are interested in OffBlock for your airline

Engineered for Safety and Efficiency

OffBlocks native iOS and Android apps provide your crew members with a better user experience, better performance, and better security

Native iOS and Android Apps

Increased security

Native apps offer increased security features, such as fingerprint, Face ID authentication or device encryption, which protect your sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

Improved user experience

OffBlock is specifically designed for the respective operating systems and offers a more seamless and intuitive user experience than web-based Crew Access or cross-platform apps.

Better performance

Native apps are optimized for the specific operating system, which results in better performance, faster load times and allows to have access to device-specific features like push notifications.

Offline functionality

It allows crew members to access important information, like their schedule and perform tasks even when they don't have access to the internet.

Secure Roster Sharing,
Prioritizing Privacy and Safety

OffBlock provides a secure and privacy-protective way for flight crew members to share their rosters with colleagues and friends and ensures that sensitive information is not compromised and that the safety and well-being of crew members is protected:

Controlled access

Crew members can choose who has access to their roster and what level of access they have. For example, users can choose to only share their roster with colleagues or friends who are also crew members, and limit their access to view-only.

Encryption and authentication

These measures ensure that only authorized users can access the shared roster. This helps protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyberattacks.

Compliance with regulations

OffBlock is designed to comply with industry regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, which require companies to protect the privacy of personal data. This can help ensure that sensitive information such as crew lists of certain flights are not shared with unauthorized parties.

Transform Crew Communication with Tailored Messaging.
Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Improve communication, response times, collaboration, and centralize information sharing. This can ultimately lead to improved efficiency, productivity, and performance for the airline.

Easy & Bi-Directional Communication among Crew Members and Crew Planning​

Improved communication

Provide a centralized location for crew members and planning managers to communicate, and reduce miscommunication and delays associated with using multiple communication channels.

Faster response times

Crew members and planning managers can communicate more efficiently and respond to changes or issues in real-time, which can help improve overall response times and reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts or delays.

Automatically created Messaging Groups

OffBlock generates messaging groups automatically by using crew lists for flights or rotations. This ensures that communication is seamless and efficient without any need for manual effort.

You are interested in OffBlock for your airline
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