Flight Crew App

Keep up. Be organized. Stay connected.

Everything starts with your airline roster. See your roster in a beautifully designed layout, get instant notifications for upcoming roster changes and access crew & passenger data.

Calendar View with Timeline. Optimized for mobile devices.

The Calendar View with its timeline is driven by a smart algorithm to calculate your rotations and group duties by category. This makes it even easier to view.

Live Update

The easiest way to download your roster to OffBlock. Just with the tap of a button or fully automated if supported by the roster system.


Get notifications when your airline publishes a change in your schedule.


Check your legs for the day and the crew you fly with (if available) directly on your home screen. You can choose from two different sizes.

Calendar Export

Export your schedule to your preferred calendars.

Calendar Sync

Activate the automatic Roster Sync for iCloud -, Google - or other calendars. Every update to your roster will be synced immediately to this calendar.

Briefing Alert

Get notified so you will always be on time for your briefing.

Better ways to communicate mean more ways to grow.
Join OffBlock today.

Crew Information

Show up with your greatest flying smile and information like your profession and homebase on your public profile. Connect with your colleagues and friends to share your daily aviation life.

Crew Lists

Check crewlists of your upcoming flights. Access helpful and fun information like your colleagues profile pages, common flights or your personal pax informations.

Common Events

See statistics for each of your crew colleagues such as common events or last flight together.

Verified Badge

See the qualification of each user distinguished by “OffBlock user” or “verified OffBlock user”.

Pax Data*

Keep record of VIP passengers and their preferences. Or simply save passenger info for flights you want to keep in memory.

Personal Pax Data*

Additional passenger information like booking numbers, meals or names of pax can be displayed.

It is easy to get started.
And it is free.
Two things everyone loves.

Import your Data

There are multiple ways to easily import your data into OffBlock.

From Airline Rosters

Find your airline in our continuously growing database. If you don’t find your airline in this list, please feel free to contact us, then we can work on it together.

From Third Party Apps

Built-in import process for:

LogTen Pro
mccPILOTLOG / CrewloungeAERO

Import process via our OffBlock Importer App for iOS for:

You would like to import your data from another third party app? Let us get in touch to get started.

CaptainsLog 2000
OffBlock 2
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