Pilot Logbook

Created to do the work, with no work for you.

OffBlock makes writing a logbook super fast, fun and easy. Extremely powerful statistics help you to easily analyze your flight times and give you the ability to generate detailed exports and reports with layouts used by official formats.

The Power of Digital Tracking. Taken further.

Based on your setting OffBlock's intelligent Autopilot will track all of your required flight-data. Most of your flight-times will be created automatically.
You prefer having full control of all your data?
Just take our smart suggestions.

Smart Flight Logging. Optimized for Speed.

OffBlock provides you the most efficient way to log your flights manually. Perfectly optimized user flow, customizable to your usage.

Integrated Aircraft Management

Find and directly use your flown aircrafts in our integrated and shared database. View your recently flown aircrafts or access extensive aircraft flight statistics. You can also add or edit aircrafts and share them with the OffBlock Community.
The Operator History makes it easy to identify recent aircrafts, which have already changed their aircraft registration. This helps you while importing older flights to match correct aircrafts and types.

Digital Signature

Logbook entries can be signed and certified directly in OffBlock. The signature will be saved securely in your account and the entry will be locked.

Precise Night Time Calculation

By fragmenting the flight route into small pieces less than a minute, OffBlock is checking on each coordinate day or night time by using a precise calculation method. Fully automatic and visualized on the map for better traceability.

Tailored Onboarding

The Onboarding Assistant helps you to set up OffBlock to your needs in a few seconds. General Aviation or Airline Transport, Pilot or Flight Attendant. And easy to customize even further.

Save and Share*

By a simple tap your flights can be shared with your co pilot or vice versa. Values like Pilot Flying or PIC and SIC will automatically be switched.

Quick Actions

With a simple swipe you can add information to your logs like Pilot Flying. This adds Take Off and Landing matching Day or Night Time. Access the type of approach directly from your logbook overview.

Start using OffBlock in minutes.

Analysis. Powerful and detailed.

Keep up with all of your flight times using the extremely powerful Statistics & Report tool. It makes analyzing your flights simpler than ever. See values for total flight time, type and class ratings down to details like Pilot Flying, Night Time or IFR.

Logbook Printouts

Generate PDF reports and create logbook printouts with layouts used by official formats.

Data Export

Now you can export all your flight data or only parts of it to use it in third party apps, Excel or just for your archive.

Automated Backups*

Create your own multilevel backup strategy which will give your data the level of security it deserves. Use iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, e-mail or everything together. The backup file is readable in each text editor, Excel, Numbers or other apps.

Any type of Certificate. Consolidated in one place.

We created the Certificate Manager to help you organize your licenses, certificates and ratings in one central place.

Keep Track of your Certificates

Store all your certificates in one central place. Access them right at your fingertips or have them listed in the printout of your logbook.

Statistics by Type and Class Ratings

All your saved type ratings will be visible as a separate category in your statistics. The aircraft types belonging to a type rating will be listed within each category.

Notifications for Expiring Dates*

Get notified if a rating, certificate, medical or endorsement is about to expire.

It is easy to get started.
Let's you focus on what you love the most.

Extensive Airport Database.

Whether you search for airport data, aviation weather or exchange rates. An extensive location database is integrated right into OffBlock.

Aviation Weather

See the actual METAR or TAF weather information for any location and access METAR data from your past flights.


Check out any airports and see all your take offs and landings.

Exchange Rate

Define your currency and get the exchange rate of each location.

Import your Data

There are multiple ways to easily import your data into OffBlock.

From Airline Rosters

Find your airline in our continuously growing database. If you don’t find your airline in this list, please feel free to contact us, then we can work on it together.

From Third Party Apps

Built-in import process for:

LogTen Pro
mccPILOTLOG / CrewloungeAERO

Import process via our OffBlock Importer App for iOS for:

You would like to import your data from another third party app? Let us get in touch to get started.

CaptainsLog 2000
OffBlock 2

Of course also for Private Pilots as well as Commercial Pilots

Our smart onboarding lets you choose the way you fly. Cockpit or Cabin. Airline Transport, Commercial, Private, Flight Instructor or Flight Student. OffBlock adapts to your needs.

Private Pilots

Commercial Pilots

Start using OffBlock in minutes.
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