Roster Sharing

Share your aviation life. With privacy built in.

Without additional input you can share your roster with family, friends and colleagues. It's up to you to decide with whom you share what kind of data.

Overview Page

Get a view of the current duties from all of your friends and directly see where everybody is at the moment.

Check Friend's Rosters

Easily access your friends rosters, using the same layout you use for viewing your own roster.

Common Off Day Finder

Easily find common off days with 2+ friends across time zones.

Live Flight Positions

View the rosters of your connected friends and see realtime information and actual flight track. For both live and previous flights.


Get notified if friends are at the same airport, in the same crew hotel or have the same layover.

OffBlock Family App

OffBlock Family is a standalone app for your non-flying friends and family. Thoughtfully designed to make the app simple and easy to understand. The modern card-style provides all useful information right at your fingertip.

Better ways to communicate mean more ways to grow.
Join OffBlock today.

Import your Data

There are multiple ways to easily import your data into OffBlock.

From Airline Rosters

Find your airline in our continuously growing database. If you don’t find your airline in this list, please feel free to contact us, then we can work on it together.

From Third Party Apps

Built-in import process for:

LogTen Pro
mccPILOTLOG / CrewloungeAERO

Import process via our OffBlock Importer App for iOS for:

You would like to import your data from another third party app? Let us get in touch to get started.

CaptainsLog 2000
OffBlock 2
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